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BrainJocks Launches New Global Sitecore Website for Brambles Owned Recall Corporation
Atlanta, GA

BrainJocks is proud to announce the recent launch of the global multi-lingual Recall website. The new site moves Recall Corporation from an already existing Ektron CMS platform to a much more robust and versatile Sitecore engine.

Recall's global online presence is made up of 43 unique websites supporting 24 countries in 17 different languages. Each of the country sites has "global" as well as regionalized content capabilites and is powered by an integration with Clay Tablet, a translation provider connector.

Recall is a global leader in managing information in multiple formats throughout its lifecycle. Recall has approximately 300 dedicated operation centers, spanning five continents, in over 20 countries, servicing nearly 80,000 customers worldwide and is owned by Brambles Corporation.