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Catalyst Net Rebrands as BrainJocks

A new face for an experienced team of web specialists, BrainJocks moves Catalyst Networks Inc. past their traditional services and offerings to more comprehensive web development solutions.

Catalyst Networks primary brand, catalyst|net, becomes BrainJocks. Why the change? BrainJocks is not something we’re doing on a whim, but rather an evolution of a decade of work. We feel the name better encompasses the company we have become. We’re still the same faces (we’re just adding a few new ones) and we’re not forgetting our roots. In fact, our history of Java development and computer network support provided a solid foundation for who we are today, and for that, we will always be grateful.

So, who is BrainJocks? BrainJocks is a team of experts that help your business achieve more through the power of technology. Adept at being a springboard for entrepreneurial startups, as well as a resource for innovative small business owners, BrainJocks can give your ideas the power to compete in today’s challenging market.

What does this mean to you? We’ve expanded our service offerings to include all of the technological expertise on which you’ve come to rely, plus idea consulting and interactive marketing and strategy development.

Our new service offerings work together in a unique way, and we hope that many of you will take advantage of them. We’d love to sit down with you to talk in more detail about how they can help power your business goals.

About BrainJocks

BrainJocks is a digital strategy, design and technology solutions agency located in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. As a certified Sitecore solutions provider, BrainJocks designs and builds enterprise level websites. BrainJocks niche is in the strategy and development of complex CMS systems, sophisticated designs and unique digital solutions. Founded in 1998, BrainJocks has partnered with clients spanning the globe in a multitude industries including healthcare, education, logistics, environmental health & safety and manufacturing. For more information, please visit