Integrating design in a componentized approach


A website doesn’t work without a beautiful design and a well-planned user experience. Our goal with every project is to execute your vision by integrating our componentized approach without sacrificing the beauty of the design.


An agency may come to us with their client, before design has begun; or, they may have an in-progress design or a fully completed design in hand. Our in-house designers lend their expertise on BrainJocks SCORE and Sitecore—and on how to integrate these technologies seamlessly with a design.

If a design hasn't been started or is only partially completed, we work with you to incorporate the design with SCORE to maximize reuse and ensure consistency. If the design is complete, we thoroughly analyze it and present options for moving forward. We keep the client's timeline and budget clearly in focus throughout the estimation process.


We implement websites using a componentized approach supported by our BrainJocks SCORE development framework. We break down designs into building blocks and then map them to standard SCORE components.

SCORE provides a variety of native responsive grid, content and navigation components, all based on Bootstrap. If the HTML of a SCORE component will completely satisfy the look and behavior of the design, it's SCORE! If a native component will work with just a little extra markup, we'll create an “expanded" version of the SCORE component. If a piece of the design has completely custom logic and elements, we'll build a custom component.

frame work logos


One of the many components that comes with BrainJocks SCORE™

This is a standard SCORE Highlight component, or Bootstrap thumbnail:

With some CSS magic, we can turn this native component into any of these renderings—all Highlights.

If your design requires the title of this component to be a link, which is not supported in the current HTML, we’ll make a new component and only slightly modify the existing HTML:

Highlight component example

If this component is a search result or product tile, or if it requires some dynamic data or custom logic, we will build it as a custom component specific to your project.

Design Tools and Processes

Our Designers have in-depth knowledge of modern digital design and communication tools that allow us to work efficiently and accurately. Our preferred design software is Sketch, and we integrate various plug-ins, such as Zeplin, to make front-end work quick and easy.

BrainJocks Designers upload design files to Invision, create simple prototypes, and add comments and links to give the entire team visibility into the inner workings of the design. The Front-end Developers can use Invision to get a quick look at every page, and the Project Specialists can perform content entry without a dependency on Sketch or Photoshop.

We know the value of an amazing design and a functional UX, and we keep them a top priority when implementing websites. No matter what stage you're in with your current project, we would love to speak with you and work toward forming a lasting partnership.