Powering Multi-Brand Site Production


Implementing Sitecore at enterprise scale is a complex proposition. Immensely flexible, Sitecore presents a blank slate offering myriad architectural and functional possibilities. The choices made early on are critical to achieving a scalable foundation for growth and efficient site production.

Large organizations grapple with the need to satisfy multiple objectives well beyond efficiency– like maximizing quality, ensuring flexibility for brands, increasing delivery velocity and reducing costs.

A single Sitecore solution that satisfies all of these can be elusive. Cost-efficient, fast builds often translate into rigid templates and cookie cutter sites, a lack of flexibility for marketers and a lot of costly custom development. If the focus is beautiful and unique sites, organizations see long development cycles, high costs and often just as much rigidity as with templates.

Bottom line: Neither is a viable option for multi-brand enterprises, where meeting business goals demands high volume site production.

Modular Reuse

Flexible Design

More Efficient

Reduced Cost

Scalable Foundation

the brainjocks Alternative

BrainJocks offers another option: A unique approach to Enterprise CMS implementation that includes:

  • A proven, testable operational model that reduces development and delivery complexity, ensures continuity and supports alignment of organizational stakeholders.
  • Architecture services to help you map a technology architecture for scalability and performance to guide Sitecore implementation.
  • An extensible Sitecore platform built for reuse and multitenancy using our BrainJocks SCORE development framework.
  • An efficient, repeatable model for rapid tenant production focused on component-based site assembly rather than custom building.
  • Flexibility for site administrators and marketers to create and manage content in an intuitive editing environment – with minimal dependencies on IT staff.

This reuse-centered approach accelerates development and enables clients to dramatically reduce delivery costs and Sitecore TCO.

Some of the largest Sitecore clients across the globe have embraced the BrainJocks approach. We set up their Sitecore teams for success with a system for high-volume, repeatable site delivery at reduced cost—with no loss of design flexibility. In fact, their Marketers are empowered to support the unique requirements of individual brands like never before.


Modular Reuse

A component-based Sitecore platform designed to minimize complexity and support efficient reuse

Flexible Design

Complete flexibility in site design, made manageable and efficient with component-based atomic construction


A tested operational model for consistent, rapid site production drives faster time to market


Efficient development centered on reuse cuts custom building—along with delivery costs and TCO


An enterprise platform provides the foundation for growth

BrainJocks SCORE Powers Enterprise Sitecore Delivery

An enterprise Sitecore platform powered by BrainJocks SCORE transforms the site development process from one of custom building each site to one of site assembly, maximizing operational efficiencies. SCORE, our modular development framework, serves as the foundation for platform and tenant site development across your Sitecore ecosystem. It was built with Sitecore, the way Sitecore is built, so it’s intuitive for developers.

The SCORE framework was built around maximizing reuse for cost savings and increased velocity-- without losing the uniqueness of individual sites. It supports “atomic construction,” a key aspect of our approach that is based on the principles of atomic design.

Atomic Construction For The Enterprise

SCORE enables an enterprise to deliver a reusable component library based on the principles of atomic design. Sitecore teams can build components that enable construction of user experience via component “building blocks.” When sharing components to several sites within a multi-tenant environment, SCORE allows each component to be shaped, positioned, styled and personalized to capture distinctions in each site’s design and user experience without requiring expensive development. The enterprise platform leverages SCORE’s extensibility, capturing shared enterprise requirements and integration points as well as the design philosophy from marketing.

With SCORE, enterprise platform development is accelerated. Tenant sites are built more efficiently with reusable components, speeding time to market and reducing development costs. Learn more about how SCORE supports efficiency, cost savings and solution quality.

Brainjocks score™ for enterprise

Jason Faust showcases how BrainJocks SCORE™ provides the foundation and structure for a platform of any size to succeed.

Many Pieces to Achieving Success

What goes into achieving the well-oiled machine

We know successful enterprise CMS requires more than just technology. The interplay between many teams, processes and inherently complex technologies must be carefully architected to avoid friction. BrainJocks’ Consulting Services team of MVPs and Architects can help you define a model to reduce development and delivery complexity, ensure continuity and support alignment of stakeholders and contributors.


Sitecore's Largest Clients use SCORE™

What do a global Fortune 100 manufacturer, a top-3 CPG manufacturer, a multinational provider of lighting solutions and a global information management solutions provider have in common? They’re some of Sitecore’s largest clients—and they all turned to BrainJocks to help them implement Sitecore efficiently and effectively.