Project All-Stars

"Trustful long-term partner who was knowledgeable about how to expand our global ecommerce sales. BrainJocks understood our need to incorporate a low-maintenance, scalable system. Top-notch expertise.""

– Rohan Rodney, Marketing Manager

"Working on the Design Essentials project gave me the opportunity to really dive into Sitecore's platform and utilize it's robust ability to be extended and modified."

– Christie Densmore, Senior Developer

"I'm thrilled that McBride Research Labs has once again embraced the latest technology platform to promote their online brands!"

– Stephanie Beckham, Business Development

Design Essentials

Project Overview

The Design Essentials hair care system was launched in 1990 by Atlanta based McBride Research Laboratories (MRL). Design Essentials is now offering 40 premium beautification products online to discerning international clientele and a network of independent, exclusive salon distributors in the United States, Caribbean, and the United Kingdom.

BrainJocks has been the go to web and e-commerce development company for MRL and Design Essentials for over a decade, as they are committed to keeping up with ever changing technologies and online marketing trends. In fact, the current and recently deployed Design Essentials website is based on the latest Sitecore technologies, including the CMS and Sitecore's Ecommerce Fundamentals module.

Since the platform was primarily a CMS with a limited Ecommerce module, there were quite a few customizations BrainJocks made in order to support the full online store needs. These customizations include data validation, product code management, personalized pricing and promotional codes, sales tax and shipping calculations, product purchase analytics and more!

Services Provided: