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Project All-Stars

"Snippet Garden was a pleasure to write - to create a tool for our team to share and refine their works, and as a technology showcase to train some of our junior developers."

– Brian Beckham, CTO, BrainJocks

Snippet Garden

Project Overview

Software companies like ourselves are always looking for ways to become more efficient, productive coders. After over a decade of experience, BrainJocks became desperate for a better way to harness our best solutions and document our methodologies; a way to collect our intellectual properties into a single, internal resource. We were looking for a way to harvest, if you will, our code snippets.

We tried various tools, but none of them were tailored specifically for internal software teams. The more we thought about the idea, the more excited we became. So we decided to scratch our own itch for a change. In only a few short months Snippet Garden was born!

Snippet Garden is now a software as a service application that provides a secure collaboration environment for development teams, complete with role based user levels, voting and ratings based feedback, wish lists, personal user alerts and more!  

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