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Project All-Stars

"Participating in a total rebrand of a national company like MailExpress was something I will never forget. I loved working with all of the different agencies and watch the Streamlite brand and online presence come to life!"

– Stephanie Beckham, Project Manager, BrainJocks

"Since the launch of our new Sitecore powered website, Streamlite has seen a 500% increase in lead generation. It has become a crucial platform for all of our marketing efforts."

– Holly Noah, Director of Marketing


Project Overview

Formerly MailExpress, Streamlite Inc. is a national business-to-consumer lightweight package delivery company. Founded by the same core team who started DHL, MailExpress had already become known as a key player in their industry, but their current brand did not reflect their unique positioning in the marketplace, and their online presence was static and limiting. 

An entirely new business strategy was adopted, an innovative marketing team was hired and a team of strategic agencies were brought together into a single, sprint-like effort. With a new brand, messaging, and PR ready to roll, it was BrainJocks task to provide a web platform that not only pushed the new Streamlite brand, but would also meet the needs of a growing list of online initiatives for their I/T, sales and marketing departments. 

Sitecore CMS was the perfect fit. Not only did this web management platform allow Streamlite to manage their site content, we also architected the site to allow them to customize their Salesforce and package tracking integrations as well.

Services Provided: