SCORE 2.0 Webinar

BrainJocks held an exclusive virtual Town Hall meeting with BrainJocks SCORE clients to share the new features and functionality available in the 2.0 release.

SCORE logo
BrainJocks' CTO Brian Beckham teamed up with Senior Developer Anastasiya Ropatenko to discuss the new capabilities available in SCORE Version 2. This latest release of BrainJocks' modular development framework for the enterprise further expands support for atomic design for Sitecore.

Within the webinar, SCORE product highlights included the following:
  • Support for Sitecore 8.1 - alignment of MVC Area support with new product features
  • Extension to the BrainJocks SCORE Snippets feature
  • Workflow features for components and pages
  • SSL support
  • New components and styling options
  • Introduction of SCORE UI for better component layer support
  • MVC Model refactoring
  • CCF - Component Communication framework

BrainJocks appreciated the level of participation seen from SCORE clients at the webinar. Time did not permit answers to all of the questions that were posed, but they are covered them all in this downloadable Q&A document.