BrainJocks SCORE™ For Sitecore® Offers Content Administrators The Ultimate Sitecore Experience

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  3. BrainJocks SCORE™ For Sitecore® Offers Content Administrators The Ultimate Sitecore Experience

BrainJocks SCORE ™ changes the way companies can implement Sitecore with streamlined components designed to deliver on the promise of DMS

KENNESAW, GA – September 8, 2014 – BrainJocks, Inc., a premier Sitecore implementation partner, announces the release of BrainJocks SCORE™ for Sitecore. This advanced platform empowers enterprises to quickly adapt to emerging markets by maximizing reusability to capitalize on their Sitecore investment.

The mission of BrainJocks SCORE™ is to simplify routine tasks, make Sitecore even easier to use and deliver powerful tools to help content administrators personalize the customer journey. "BrainJocks SCORE is a powerful product that I would recommend for any Sitecore developer’s toolkit," said Lee Martin, Sitecore Manager.

This vendor agnostic platform is designed to be more than just a development accelerator. BrainJocks SCORE™ is a licensed platform developed by BrainJocks to create patterns for a dynamic Sitecore implementation. It is a collection of best practices and unique tools that together amplify the power of Sitecore. “We embrace the way Sitecore works and use various extension points across the board to build a platform that feels very natural and yet is very powerful,” states Pavel Veller, Director of Development at BrainJocks.
  • Elastic Renderings
  • User-friendly Field Objects
  • Cascading Elements
  • Content Snippets
  • Rendering Transformations
  • SEO Module
  • Sticky Notes
  • Responsive Components
  • Development Accelerator

"Our design principals are simple – we don't change how Sitecore works, we extend its capabilities to empower the marketer and the developer. And most of all, make sure it's still fun to work with," commented Brian Beckham, CTO of BrainJocks.

BrainJocks SCORE ™ will be demonstrated at Sitecore Symposium Las Vegas on September 8-10. Visit BrainJocks in the Partner Pavilion to see the product in action and meet the product managers behind it.

For additional information regarding BrainJocks SCORE™ visit our SCORE page.