Atlanta Sitecore UserGroup

The Atlanta Sitecore User Group met on December 9th the group saw highlights from some of the Atlanta Sitecore's Technology Partners, including LIVE demos!


Sitecore Federated Experience Manager (FXM)

There’s a new tool in Sitecore town called FXM – and you’re going to want to know what it does. Imagine being able to extend Sitecore’s editing capabilities, personalization rules, and more to any website in the world - including non-Sitecore sites - all with just a few clicks your mouse! See a demo and get a deep-dive of the Federated Experience Manager from the original creators and architects!

Presented by: Arke Systems

Power Your Mobile Apps With Sitecore

Mobile devices continue to gain popularity with customers and enterprises at a rapid pace. Sitecore is the ideal platform to be the central hub for your multichannel mobile content, powering your organization's native mobile and responsive web applications. This presentation illustrates how to leverage the power of Sitecore to deliver content you've already invested in building within those applications. Unlock the power of Sitecore to boost your organization mobile app potential!

Presented by: Jonathan Chen, Bluetube


BrainJocks SCORE - The Ultimate Sitecore Experience

Recently announced and presented at the 2014 Sitecore Symposium in Las Vegas, BrainJocks SCORE(TM) is the new buzz in the Sitecore community! With accolades like “This is jaw dropping!”, “There’s nothing else like this on the market!”, and “... dynamic placeholders on steroids!”, you will not want to miss seeing this! BrainJocks SCORE is best described as an implementation accelerator and an enforcer of best practices. We like to call it the content administrator’s magic wand! Here’s your chance to see what everyone is talking about! Don’t miss it!