Version 1.5 Of BrainJocks SCORE For Sitecore Is Now Available

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BrainJocks SCORE v.1.5 offers full support for Sitecore 8 and Component Portability

Atlanta, Georgia — April 28, 2015 — BrainJocks Inc., an industry leader in providing technology and strategy solutions to enterprise companies, today announced the release and public distribution of BrainJocks SCORE for Sitecore version 1.5. Version 1.5 offers full support for Sitecore 8, but more importantly adds some key features to support Sitecore's newest versioned layouts.

"Sitecore 8 is revolutionary in many ways. Versioned layouts, for example, now allows editors to present each page differently based on language, control presentation changes via a workflow, and use an entirely new way of A/B and multivariate testing with new Content Testing capabilities. Sitecore 8 opened some excellent opportunities and introduced some challenges for BrainJocks SCORE. Version 1.5 of BrainJocks SCORE extends those features into the Experience Editor, giving the editor full support for managing components that are shared to all versions as well as those that are specific to a specific version and/or language," states Brian Beckham, BrainJocks CTO and Sitecore MVP.

BrainJocks SCORE 1.5 also builds on a legacy of quality - now exceeding over 700 automated tests designed to run and package the product for each version and update level of Sitecore. Pavel Veller, BrainJocks Director of R&D and 2015 MVP adds, "By testing and packaging BrainJocks SCORE for each Sitecore version and update level, we insulate Sitecore customers and partners from changes in the base product made in each release. By embracing automation in all areas of the development and delivery process, we are able to expedite the pace of innovation. We have received significant interest from existing customers wishing to upgrade to Sitecore 8, but we also have customers that intend to remain on Sitecore 7 for the foreseeable future."

BrainJocks SCORE 1.5 is also introducing features that allow Sitecore partners and enterprise clients to extend the platform for their own use. Significant to this release is the introduction of component portability - the ability for each single component to adapt to different shared content requirements and styling variances. With portability, Sitecore partners and enterprise clients can now add their own layer of reusable components to their projects and significantly lower their cost of ownership and improve the speed of their Sitecore teams.