BrainJocks Announces BrainJocks SCORE™ 2.0 

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Enterprise Development Framework Enables Atomic Design for Sitecore®

Kennesaw, GA, October 6, 2015—BrainJocks today announced BrainJocks SCORE™ 2.0, the latest version of their development framework and implementation accelerator for Sitecore®. This advance in BrainJocks’ web development solution is now in limited release with general availability planned for late Q4 2015.

SCORE 2.0 enables Atomic Design for Sitecore by extending BrainJocks’ modular development framework built expressly for the enterprise. Unlike “site in a box” approaches, SCORE gives enterprises the flexibility to layer services and components in an automation framework, adapting to complex requirements while simplifying testing and deployment.

Atom-like components serve as SCORE building blocks that can be combined to create more complex “molecular” structures for a site. SCORE 2.0 further extends Sitecore capabilities to the Experience Editor to provide a visual environment that fully supports modular development and editing.

New content components, like the modal dialogue, have been added to the SCORE library. SCORE 2.0 also introduces the Component Communications Framework (CCF). This gives developers exceptional flexibility by supporting dialogue between related yet independent components, such as a search box and search results.

“We were excited to share BrainJocks SCORE 2.0 with the nearly 400 people who attended SUGCON last week, and we’re now thrilled to be able to introduce the whole Sitecore community to our latest offering,” said Brian Beckham, BrainJocks CTO and President. “SCORE 2.0 provides enhanced support for Atomic Design for Sitecore, promising dramatic time and cost savings for BrainJocks’ enterprise clients.”

“Instead of custom building each site, enterprises can leverage SCORE’s portable, styleable components across multiple sites,” said Pavel Veller, R&D Director at BrainJocks. “Enterprise clients appreciate the ability to layer their own services and specialization on an already-robust framework with full support for automation. We’ve seen customers revolutionize their Sitecore delivery by committing to this approach, which takes them from needing custom development for every website to being able to launch sites with only styling and content assembly.”

Current clients can contact BrainJocks for information on becoming part of the limited release of SCORE 2.0. For additional product information, please visit