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BrainJocks SCORE is a comprehensive, modular development framework that cuts through the complexity of Sitecore implementation. It gives Sitecore partners a jump-start down the right path and the tools to deliver efficiently and effectively—whether the first site or the fifty-first.


A proven, faster approach

Sitecore is like a blank slate. Partners must decide how best to organize development, capture pages and design an editing environment. SCORE provides a proven Sitecore implementation path that cuts complexity and accelerates project delivery.

A complete enterprise framework

SCORE is a complete development framework built for the enterprise. Unlike a site in a box, SCORE lets you support a client's unique functional requirements and product structures by layering services and components within an automation framework.

empowered marketers

SCORE extends capabilities into Experience Editor, without changing how Sitecore works. Content teams can do more in a SCORE-powered visual editing environment—like swapping page layouts and moving nested content—without IT support.

Atomic Construction for Sitecore

BrainJocks SCORE takes a different approach that cuts complexity and costs while delivering unmatched flexibility.

A comprehensive solution propels partners to success

Get on the right track with BrainJocks Consulting

Whatever the size of the project, our SCORE and Sitecore experts will help you cut complexity and deliver a superior quality web solution—faster and at lower cost. To help your team adopt the SCORE framework, we can provide a certified Architect to help with building complex components and integrations, or validate your implementation strategy and ensure your team stays on the right path. For complex enterprise projects, our MVPs and Architects can help define a blueprint for successful delivery encompassing optimal architecture strategy, operational and governance models, and more.

Comprehensive support services for Sitecore partners using SCORE

We provide a comprehensive toolset and training to help your team quickly begin accelerating Sitecore projects with BrainJocks SCORE. SCORE implementation partners gain access to a complimentary SCORE partner license with support. Training courses for Content Administrators, Back-end Developers and UI Developers help key users quickly ramp up to self-sufficiency. In addition, BrainJocks offers a generous commission on each SCORE license you sell to a client.

Content Management Services help you satisfy large clients—even during workload peaks

Sometimes a project is so big, it takes more than one implementation team to handle the site volume. Or a project you thought was "small" balloons in complexity and page count—requiring more than your available resources. Our experienced, SCORE-certified teams can help with page building, content entry, QA, training, even documentation. Plug us in wherever you need support.


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