Sitecore Consulting & Implementation


  • Some of the largest multinational corporations in the world trust us to architect and implement their Sitecore ecosystems.
  • We have the depth and breadth of expertise needed to deliver successfully – and Sitecore agrees. They awarded us Gold Implementation Partner certification.
  • With nearly 100 projects under our belts and counting, we’ve overcome a lot of roadblocks, snafus and missteps. We’ve learned a lot.
  • We developed the leading accelerator and Sitecore development framework available – BrainJocks SCORE. It works so well, other implementation partners are using it, too. We support them with architecture consulting and training.
  • We have happy implementation clients. Learn more about them and our work.

BrainJocks is THE reference Sitecore partner in North America for project implementations & rescues.

Bill Sapp, Sitecore

Bill Sapp, Sitecore Director

Do it right the first time

There’s no single way to implement Sitecore. The CMS is virtually a blank slate, and every partner approaches it a bit differently. While there’s no solid “right answer,” some implementation approaches are vastly more successful than others. BrainJocks Consulting & Implementation Services provides a proven approach to Sitecore architecture and development.
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As a Gold Implementation Partner, we’ve delivered nearly 100 Sitecore projects.

Implementation Services

Get the most from Sitecore with a modular approach focused on reuse. Build more efficiently, at lower cost, and launch sites faster. Empower content teams to manage content with little IT dependence.

Consulting Services

Let BrainJocks be your Sherpa to help you navigate the Sitecore terrain. Our team of Sitecore experts includes MVPs, Architects and Certified Sitecore Developers who can get you on the fast-track to go live and long-term success.

We use brainjocks score

Our comprehensive, modular development framework for Sitecore helps you build sites faster and at lower cost. SCORE also improves quality and flexibility for marketers and content teams.

Implementation Services

Sitecore is designed for reuse – you just have to know how to take advantage of it. That’s where BrainJocks comes in.

Our modular approach to Sitecore implementation, encapsulated in the SCORE development framework, maximizes reuse. It allows you to...

  • Lower development costs and launch sites faster
  • Empower content teams to manage page content with minimal IT dependence
  • Improve quality with a testable, proven approach that minimizes complexity
  • Lower TCO with an efficient process for site delivery, management and maintenance
  • Achieve a scalable Sitecore platform that you can extend to meet future needs
  • Bring beautiful, unique site designs to life with complete design flexibility

The key to reuse is our modular approach – atomic construction – which allows user experience to be constructed with portable component “building blocks.” Common requirements across pages of a site, or multiple sites in a Sitecore ecosystem, are identified and developed as shareable components for reuse. Each component is highly styleable, preventing the cookie-cutter effect with multi-tenant, multibrand implementations.

Breaking it Down - IMPLEMENTING Sitecore

It takes more than a simple development cycle to effectively implement Sitecore. BrainJocks offers a comprehensive solution that covers you each step of the way:

  • Creative review in collaboration with your agency’s design team (if you have one).
  • Clear requirements definition, supported by experienced Business Analysts.
  • An Agile project management process led by certified Scrum Masters. We focus on fast moving development sprints and frequent delivery. More on our Agile development and delivery process.
  • Quality assurance begins early, based on an approved plan, with testing completed daily – culminating with User Acceptance Testing.

To Launch and Beyond

We know there’s more to successfully launching and managing a site than technical readiness. BrainJocks Implementation Services include:

  • User training on the solution
  • Standard BrainJocks SCORE courses for content teams, front end developers and back-end developers – or custom training on your platform
  • Documentation for content teams
  • Maintenance and Support services
  • Content Entry and Management services

IMPLEMENTATION Support for Partners 

Sitecore Partner

We work with many other implementation partners in the Sitecore community to help speed development and delivery time, reduce costs and improve quality. BrainJocks can help you achieve this with:

  • More reuse, less custom building
  • Simplified integration with third-party technologies
  • Enhanced capabilities and creative flexibility for content and marketing teams – no rigid templates! 

Digital Agencies

Digital agencies partner with BrainJocks on client projects requiring Sitecore development. We've developed a model for agency engagement that works but we're also immensely flexible.

We bring your creative vision to life. Our Sitecore and BrainJocks SCORE experts will adapt your beautiful site designs into modular page content that your clients can easily edit and manage. We'd love to show you how.

Consulting Services

Combining Consulting with Implementation Services is like a one-two punch, knocking out project risk, lengthy delivery time frames and high development costs. BrainJocks Consulting Services are delivered by our MVPs and Architects, who can work with you to develop a blueprint for successful Sitecore delivery.

We’ve helped some of the largest, best-known enterprises get more from their Sitecore investment and reduce their total cost of ownership. Multitenant, multilingual, localizations, personalization, third party integrations — we can help you tame complexity with an efficient operational model for site delivery.

Some of the areas we consult on include:

  • Infrastructure and architecture strategy to maximize reuse and extensibility
  • How to leverage a solution accelerator to speed time to market and reduce development costs
  • Platform development and site migration strategies
  • Developing a blueprint for an enterprise operational model for high volume site production
  • Platform, site and/or infrastructure operations
  • Versioning strategy
  • Automating deployment into shared environments
  • Achieving organizational alignment
  • Establishing governance models
  • Partner and Agency engagement and enablement

Please contact us if you’re interested in how we can help you.